Friday, December 09, 2016

Data Visual: WUGC 2016 Assists and Goals by Gender in Mixed Division

open bracket (ultimate) designed another beautiful data visualization of gendered assists and goals at the 2016 World Ultimate & Guts Championships for the Mixed Division teams. The graph shows all 24 teams; Australia and the USA met in the Mixed Division final.

Blue: male to male
Pink: female to female
Orange: male to female
Green: female to male
Dotted circle: how reliant was the team on one method of scoring? A large circle indicates reliance on one method of scoring (typically male to male), while a small circle indicates that the team spread the scoring around.

Most varied =  Japan
Least varied = Philippines

Mixed teams without a female goal assisted by a female = China, India, Philippines

[Original via Facebook; reformatted to fit by SLUDGE]

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Chart: Size Comparison of Early Frisbees

This informative chart comes from "Flat Flip Flies Straight!: True Origins of the Frisbee" book. It beautifully compares the diameter and cross-section from the original Flyin-Saucer (1948) design to a Flying Saucer (1957) to a Regular Frisbee - and some other popular disc brands.

Fascinating to see the differences between these early plastic flying discs. Look at the progression of these disc's rims; the slope started severe like a house roof (Flyin-Saucer) and gradually became more aerodynamic. As a comparison, today's disc for the sport of ultimate = 10.75" wide.

[chart via Flat Flip Flies Straight!]

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The World Games 2017 Calendar for Flying Disc (Ultimate)

The event calendar for The World Games 2017 indicates "Flying Disc" (ultimate) will be played early during TWG in Wroclaw, Poland.

The Flying Disc event between United States of America, Japan, Australia, Colombia, Canada, plus Poland will start on Friday, July 21 and conclude with the final on Sunday, July 23.

The full "Ultimate Ultimate Mixed" round robin calendar currently shows only the 5-game schedule; not the teams match-ups yet.

[h/t USAU WorldGames]

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

AUDL 2017 Championship To Be Hosted in Montreal

American Ultimate Disc League announced their 2017 Championship Weekend will be played in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
The 2-day event is scheduled for August 26-27.  The announcement did not detail where games would be played. Montreal Royal play home games at Percival Molson Memorial Stadium where the AUDL East Division team experiences excellent attendance.

The 2017 Championship Weekend is scheduled later than any previous AUDL championship.

Dates of AUDL Championships
2012: Aug 11
2013: Aug 3-4
2014: July 26-27
2015: Aug 8-9
2016: Aug 6-7
2017: Aug 26-27

If AUDL is still planning to start in early April, then the AUDL's 6th season will be the loooooongest season in its history.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Highlights of Madison Radicals and Wisconsin College All-Stars Game at Lambeau Field

Madison Radicals and Wisconsin College All-Stars scrimmaged during Green Bay Packers' halftime on Sunday. The 6-minute snowy ultimate (snoltimate) exhibition game on the Frozen Tundra in front of the 78,000 NFL fans was well received.

Madison Radicals (not wearing their special jerseys) were introduced as "Wisconsin's professional ultimate frisbee team" by the emcee.
The emcee does his best let's-get-ready-to-rumble with: "Let's play frisbee, gentlemen!"
The first point was a typical first point for an ultimate league -- lots of turnovers.
On the very first point, the game experienced another typical occurrence when a bystander got in the way of the field of play. A Green Bay staffer was clearing the end zone lines of snow just as a team was looking to score.

I applaud the experiment of using the actual football end zones as the ultimate EZ's - an idea I have supported since AUDL's first season.
There was no 'Lambeau Leap' during the ultimate game, though an ultimate disc was thrown into the stands after the match.

Friday, December 02, 2016

Madison Radicals Really, Really, Really Want Aaron Rodgers to Attend their Games

It started in 2014 with a free food incentive. After that season, free tickets were offered to Aaron Rodgers for each of Madison's home games - again and again.
For Sunday's showcase game in Green Bay, Madison is coming to him. And, they're bringing a personalized Radicals jersey for the Green Bay Packers' quarterback. (#12 on Madison's roster, Scott Richgels, may be concerned about his status with the team.)

Madison has repeatedly invited Mr. Rodgers to an AUDL game. I repeat: repeatedly.